Tuesday, 3 April 2007

first post!

so after being sucked into reading millions of other blogs I thought I'd make my own. why not, eh? and when I finally get round to having some money I might even get a microphone and do some podcasts. shocking.

I have been endlessly inspired by Keep Hope Inside and also Good Weather For Airstrikes. both are wonderfully coherent and have introduced me to some new artists well worth hearing. other blogs have also provided very useful but I'm too lazy to list all the ones I read.

today I'm going to talk about Modernaire (myspace). they're from Manchester, they're a two piece, and they're absolutely brilliant. possibly the best band in Manchester right now. I've previously described them as sounding like "Kate Nash, a keyboard and a strange French man have had some kind of serious car accident and happened to have merged into one giant singing, dancing, French speaking, electro-funk mutant". which is a bit of a mouthful when all I really want to say is something along the lines of "if you don't listen to them you're a prick".

what happened was they sent me a demo for my fanzine. usually, most of the demos we get are pretty rubbish (unless Art Goes Pop are sending them, they send well good promos out). so you can imagine my suprise and delight when I put the CD on and it was top quality.

here's two of my favourite tracks by them.

Faites Tes Jeux
if you like what you hear you can find out more by going to their myspace. add them and say hello. you can buy several of their songs from here.