Wednesday, 4 April 2007

seeing as i have the hang of things...

as my eagerness continues, this blog shall be updated very frequently. almost immediately after I had posted a post last night, I wanted to do another one. crazy.

I want to talk to you about Pete And The Pirates. I don't know that much about them. except that they come from Reading and that their music is undeniably beautiful. I was recommended them by Dan from Dirtyhands who said something about sounding like a cross between some band and someone else (I've forgotten who; I have a memory like a sieve). anyway. they are top notch, I like them very much. I have yet to see them live but I am sure that their performances are delightful.

they are a romantic fusion of a summer's day, folk music and poetry. listen and love:

What's On

Ill Love

you can buy their EPs from Stolen Downloads.

I would also like to talk about CityLights. I saw them a few weeks ago, and I have to admit that I don't actually remember watching them perform. but I was definitely definitely there (I might have been a bit drunk). anyway. they are from a sunny place called Warrington where dreams come true (this is sarcastic for those of you who don't know about Warrington; it's shit). and they are all about 12 years old. in a good way.

they play upbeat indie pop with that added bit of innocence. you know, like those smoothies. they are pure or something. I like them because their music is simple and it isn't trying to impress, or be the next big thing. they're just doing it for the love of playing.

The City Lights

however, I strongly recommend that you go to their myspace and listen to 'She's A Disco Nightmare' because it's the best of the three up by far.