Friday, 6 April 2007

15GB and counting

whilst reading through a mass amount of music blogs I came across All Things Go. and through this I came across Foreign Islands. what Adrian says ("If you dig Les Savy Fav, Thunderbirds Are Now!, or any other band that flawlessly brings a punk-rock attitude to the dance floor, then you will absolutely love Foreign Islands") is completely and utterly true. as an adoring Les Savy Fav fan, I felt it my duty to download the two tracks up on ATG. this was definitely the right decision.

I've been downloading a sik amount of podcasts lately, and it's resulted in my 15GB iPod being filled up within a few days. twisted. probably the hottest podcast around is Filthy Few. always on the latest and greatest, it brings you tracks by some of the best new bands and artists around. I've fallen in love with the Toxic Avenger remix of a SEIK track at the start of podcast number 14. I just can't wait to get my hands and ears all over it properly. I might even take it to bed with me. kinky.

the lovely High Voltage sent me some promos to review, and I did just that. however, the only track that really stood out for me was by Micky P And The Dudes. he's a chap from Leeds and is well worth checking out. I described the particular track I was to review as sounding like "as if someone has broken the hearts of The Pigeon Detectives and given them acoustic guitars and a poetry book".

Susan May

the other day I made a mixtape for a friend of mine who lives in America. I so happened to title this mixtape "Why British Music Is Better Than American Music". not that it's a competition or anything..
featured on the CD is the lovely Popular Workshop. the tracks on their new EP sound a little VEGC-esque. not that I'm complaining, I adore VEGC. if you've ever seen Pop. 'Shop live you will know that the dirty rhythms and piercing guitars are present in full force at all times with this band. they are a marvel to watch, even if you and the headlining band at the gig are the only ones doing so. I'm not sure that they have a sound that will make the majority go "ooooh" but they certainly push my buttons.

Son Of A Dog

you can find out how to buy their new EP from HERE. or the Pop. 'Shop myspace.


night's not over yet

so I have just got back from seeing Modernaire at the Dry Bar. it was fabulous, but I don't really want to start saying how much I love them because I need to save that for April 15th when they play at Joshua Brooks in Manchester as part of a gig for my fanzine.

To My Boy's album has leaked. and I've been listening to it almost nonstop for the past 24 hours.
I'd post up 'Model' however I don't know how appreciative the record label or the band would be. I'm pretty sure that's going to be the next single so you'll just have to be patient to hear its genius-ness.

tonight I'd like to talk about Clarky Cat. I can't see why they won't hit the big time in the next twelve months. they've been pushed underneath the guise of "new rave" and all that goes with it (neon things, glowsticks, more neon things, logo tshirts, erm.. more neon) BUT they aren't really "new rave", despite their appearance (they wear neon things). they are much more guitar rather than keyboard centered. fresh vocals from the band are matched with short, punchy guitar riffs and a bassline that will leave you trembling. I love it. the following track is exactly that: short and hard hitting. anyone who does not want to dance to it must be on crack. or not on crack. one of the two.

A Reason

I am also going to chat a bit about Some Body. he's one lad from daaaahn saaafff, and he does wonderful things with a computer. he's what Get Cape Wear Cape Fly would sound like if he was smacked round the head with the entire genre of electronica. yeah, like that. but even better. managed by boy-about-town Sahil, I'm sure that Some Body will be in all the right places at all the right times and quickly work his way to where he belongs: in all of your hearts and heads.


this is getting quite fun, all this blogging. let's hope my enthusiasm doesn't run out too soon.