Saturday, 7 April 2007

well well well.

I have just signed up to that LAST.FM thingy. it's a bit weird, especially those shoutboxes. the instantenous-ness (wtf?) of it all is kind of creepy.

anyhow, I have plenty to ramble on about today. I have been filling myself up on chocolate and consequently suffering the effects. gutted.

as much as I love finding brand new bands, there are some bands that earn a place in your heart and will stay there for a long long time. a band that has been a love of mine for about a year and a half is Every Move A Picture. they're from California but they really should be from the UK. at least I bloody wish they were. they were here this time last year, touring with ¡Forward, Russia! and another visit is well overdue. they have been recording songs for their second album so hopefully they'll bring it over here. jerky guitars and clever lyrics are the backbone of this band. they have something to say and they do it well and make you want to dance at the same time.

i also love that they have Barack Obama in their top friends on myspace.. right beside yours truly hahah.

Chemical Burns (this was my summer song for 2006)

you can buy their album 'Heart=Weapon' on iTunes.

now for something slightly more strange. The Duloks. erm. they wear shorts and knee length socks and sing songs about the game Gauntlet and about fish and Mick Jagger. I'd kill to see a live show because I'm sure it'd be packed with exciting things. and I want to see how they turn 2 minute comedy songs into stomping tracks fit for dancing.

Bad Vegetarian

you can buy tracks from their website.

short and sweet today, just like Easter!