Sunday, 8 April 2007

oh you young things!

it's Easter. I was struggling like mad to think of an Easter theme. and this is what I came up with. ermm, it's not really to do with Easter but today's theme is Young artists/bands, (i.e. the obligatory Cajun Dance Party post). to make this more exciting or whatever I have chosen artists/bands who are younger/the same age as me (which is a pitful 17 years of age).

so. Cajun Dance Party. these guys are currently everyone's favourite "I liked this band waaaaaaay before you did" band. I am admitting right here and now that I only started to listen to this band last May. which is scarily almost a year ago. with their debut single coming out a week tomorrow, it seems like the world is at their feet. CDP make delicious indie pop. there is something about them completely different from all the boring stuff that you will get recommended by your Last.Fm thingy majiggy. 'The Next Untouchable' is out April 16th on the superb Way Out West label.

Cajun Dance Party - Amylase
Cajun Dance Party - Buttercups

more kids! Jack And The Free Trees. how I adore this band. they have to be the funniest people I have ever come across also. and I love how George's mum sent me an email about the laws on buying alcohol for minors one night after he was sick all over his house. they're like my little brothers, but more fun than that. they actually play decent music too, I'm not just bumming them for no reason.
I've previously described them as being like a weird kind of ¡Forward, Russia!-Bloc Party hybrid, if there could ever be such a thing.
in five years time they'd like to own a farm.

Jack And The Free Trees - Paths
Jack And The Free Trees - 31.08.06

Brille has to be one of the best record labels around. they have impeccable taste when it comes to picking who they sign. Good Shoes, The Knife, Envelopes, Whirlwind Heat... and the latest signing, Operator Please an Australian outfit. my god when I first heard them I was like "who is this and why haven't they been in my life forever?". they aren't even old enough to swear (or play their scheduled slot at White Heat on the 17th April) but they have made me dance like crazy. they're a little like a more structured version of Be Your Own Pet. crashing cymbals and quick guitars topped off with vocals that are older than their years.

Operator Please - Get What You Want
Operator Please - Crash Tragic

everyone else has mentioned her so now it's my turn. Laura Marling. same age as me, yet infinitely more talented (cry cry). if you could bottle her greatness and sell it I'm pretty sure you could make a fortune. there's a load of singer-songwriters around at the minute but Laura has that spark; there's something so raw about her music, but it remains beautiful at the same time.

Laura Marling - Mexico
Laura Marling - London Town

I'm sure there are tons of other bands out there younger than me, so please feel free to bring them to my attention by screaming in a comment "OH MY GOD YOU MISSED OUT *BLAHDEEBLAH*".
and happy Jesus Zombie Day.