Monday, 9 April 2007

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as everyone is well aware, the new Arctic Monkeys album has leaked. I downloaded it last night and listened to it all in one sitting. in a way they have completely avoided all the pressure usually put on bands releasing their second album (second album-syndrome) by releasing it relatively quickly. or it seems quickly anyway. the only track that stood out for me has to be '505'. everyone is banging on about it, and I am inclined to agree; it's really very good. the rest is average.
(haha that picture still has "the fat one" in it).

Arctic Monkeys - 505 (for those few who don't have it yet)

when Arctic Monkeys first came on the scene (hitting it big around October '05) everyone was dropping the word 'MYSPACE'. although I'm not entirely sure why with the Monkeys (their rapid success was more due to file sharing than Myspace).
sure, it's good for listening to the bands you already are well aware of, but is it any good for scouting for talent? I'm actually leaning more towards "no". simply because there are so many millions of bands it is practically impossible to find the diamonds in the rough (apologies for the Aladdin reference - I've been watching that Top 100 Musicals thing).

however! there's occassionally (i.e. once in a fucking blue moon occassionally) a band that adds you that is actually really really good. this happened to me with a band called Alcoholiday about a month ago.
they're from Arizona, America and there's two of them. I have no idea of how "big" they are over in the States but I had never heard of them before they added me (they incidentally only have a mere 63 listeners on Last.Fm). I'm very glad they did. they make wonderful electronica that I just can't get enough of. if you like Thom Yorke, or the Some Body tracks I posted up a few entries ago this is definitely music for you. check them out!

Alcoholiday - The Honey In Your Tea
Alcoholiday - A Lifeblood

now, I have a track that I want to share with everyone (everyone in the whole world).
I came across it when I downloaded a compilation called 'This Is Not The 80s; A Nu Wave Electro Compilation' (also featuring the likes of ADULT. and Ellen Allien and is well worth finding by the way!)
I have absolutely no knowledge of the band/artist except that he/she/they are playing at Eurocultured Festival in Manchester at the end of May. but this track is amazing. I want to start DJing just so I can play it to people and make them dance to it. it causes that kind of infectious dancing. there's no way I can describe it except "MINT".

I-F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

this has been a rather abrupt and rushed post today! I know this isn't the most detailed or informative of blogs but thanks for reading anyway! i've just hit 500 page views which isn't half bad for my seventh post in seven days. :)
tomorrow I'll be continuing the electro-electronica theme with tracks from I Was A Cub Scout and moooore.