Tuesday, 10 April 2007

as promised

I said I'd continue the electro-electronica theme over into today and that is exactly what I shall do.

first up! The Blow. I don't know who you are or what you do (or I might, hello people I know) but you have to listen to The Blow. I could insanely ramble about them for hours. there's two of them (is it me or am I writing about a lot of duos?) and they are fantastic. they aren't really electronica, more like a keyboard made out of candyfloss. pair that with Khaela Maricich's dulcet tones, some handclaps and fierce beats and you have yourself The Blow.
one half of them (the Jona Bechtolt half) is also known as Y.A.C.H.T so check that out too.

The Blow - The Love That I Crave
The Blow - Pile Of Gold

I also heavily recommend you find 'Hey Boy', 'Hock It', 'The Long List Of Girls' and everything else by them. just. everything.

now to I Was A Cub Scout. they are hotly tipped to do great things, and I'd even say they have already done great things. and they're erm.. a duo. Kerrang! said they sound like "keyboard-led emo" hahaha. gotta love that.
I think the first time I heard them was on John K's Xposure on XFM (the best radio show ever??) sometime last September. I'm pretty sure 'This Is Not A Crate' was the track. but I fell in love with them straight away. it's danceable indie pop music made with bleeps and bloops. pure genius. they're also on to play Download Festival (which I think is a little weird but there you go).

I Was A Cub Scout - Part II

I Was A Cub Scout - This Is Not A Crate

if you like what you hear please do BUY things from said artists and bands.

that's it for today, and unfortunately tomorrow also! I am in London for the day and therefore won't have computer access. I'll be too busy on those slides at the Tate (I heard someone got stuck in one!). but I'll be back late Thursday evening, with some snippets from my interview with the excellent Foals which is for a feature I'm writing for High Voltage. woop.

oh! I almost forgot. apparently Jack Penate is supporting The Maccabees on tour. how excellent!