Friday, 13 April 2007

because I'm so excited that I am seeing Devo here's a track.

Devo - Uncontrollable Urge

if you don't like it, you're probably deaf or lying. or dead inside.

so! Elle Milano. the first time I heard them was on one of ArtRockers' compliations. and I thought "who the fuck is this, they are fantastic". I was blown away by them, I must admit. they've been compared to Test Icicles, which, if you concentrate hard they might sound like every now and then. but they're better than that, and are far less of a joke.
they are going to be releasing an album sometime this year, mostly brand new material, and I for one cannot wait.

Elle Milano - Katsuki & The Stilettoed Stranger Remix

Elle Milano - Men Are Bastards

you can pretty much find a pile of their stuff on Limewire, and they have some stuff up for download on the myspace.

again, my eyes are falling out of my head so I'm going to cut this one short. especially seeing as I have had a few glasses of wine and have to be in work at 10am tomorrow. joy!

modern art, banana bikes, yannis from foals, and flyposting.

this entry is going to be so jam-packed I might split it into two..

so I went to London! it was (as usual) brilliant. but do not try to ride those banana bikes in a skirt. it doesn't work so well and you'll just end up with holes and ladders in your tights. we went to the Tate Modern. erm. I really don't "get" modern art. but I went on those slides. and I squealed all the way down Level 5. the exhibition ends on Friday so tough luck to those who haven't been on them yet!

I received a (hand delivered!!) package from Indigo DJs today. it contained a couple of badges, and some back issues of their "joke" fanzine. it's pretty well made for a joke. check them out on myspace, they do DJ sets at various places in Manchester.

tonight I went flyposting. with a carrier bag full of paste. classy stuff! I am officially retiring from this promoting gigs malarky after Sunday. it's an amazing amount of effort (and I don't even know if it's worth it yet - I suspect it will be). but I'm lazy. I think this is probably the most illegal thing I've ever done. £5000 fine if you get caught..

I am going to see Devo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who the fuck cares about The Libs reuniting?? (rhetorical question, don't answer it fools)

I am seeing Devo at Manchester Apollo June 23rd with my good old dad. he saw them in 1979 and almost had a fit when I said they were coming back to the UK.

now. onto my selected music for today!

FOALS. it had to be them really.
the interview went very well; Yannis is a lovely chap. here's some snippets:

"I am a big legs man".
"There's no way I'm going bald".
"Once we played to one man and his mum and a bowl of tuna pasta".
"Playing on kitchen surfaces is the best".
"I think I'm going to get a massive squid tattoo".

there's many more wicked quotes but I'm tired and you'll have to read my High Voltage feature when it's done, and then after that I'll post up the whole thing (including the bit where we got interrupted by two people looking for somewhere to go in Gay Village).

Foals - Balloons

Hummer is out on Monday so go and buy it.

I'm actually falling asleep at the keyboard so tomorrow I'll make a shiny post filled with music rather than stuff about my escapades with paste and bikes.

Elle Milano would have filled a lovely space right here...

to fill the void until tomorrow (the morning, rather) here's a new song by Klaxons (it's one of the B-sides to Gravity's Rainbow I think).

Klaxons - Electrickery