Tuesday, 17 April 2007

busy busy busy.

obviously there was no post on Sunday because i was putting on a gig. it went brilliantly (despite Neon Plastix pulling out very last minute), and it seemed like everyone there had a good time. now we have people pestering us to put on bands we've never even heard of. we're a fanzine, not promoters. although one could argue that there is not a difference. it's a big big difference to me. as much as i had tons of fun, i'm not even 100% sure if we'll put another night on, mainly because there's exams between now and june, and then after that it's summer so we'll be too busy watching boys in the park and getting drunk in the sun. and i'm moving to London in September! so little time..


i'm a last.fm trawler now. i must admit that there are certain people whose music tastes i steal. i see a band i don't recognise and i go and find some tracks by them. usually this works out for the best.

first up is Gameboy/Gamegirl. they sound like Crystal Castles (plus more dance-ability) have met some dodgy Australian men and some downright funked up electro vibes along a beaten track and decided to make strange children. or a band, one of the two. it's good anyway. so have a listen, and have a dance.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp

i finally found that Toxic Avenger remix i talked about the other day. it's on ChazOlogy, which is another brilliant music blog. i highly reccommend it.

i'm trying to get in as much new music to this thing as possible, thinking "who won't people have heard of". it's a nightmare. but i don't know how many of you will have heard of Billy Ruffian.

four lads from Manchester. they've had numerous comparisons to The Fall (which are all accurate), combined with several other bands such as Blur, The Only Ones and Suede (yeah I don't see the Suede thing). no one has come up with the Art Brut comparison yet (i don't think) so that can be what i add to the list. they're rough round the edges, and still rough in the middle. i love The Fall, so i guess it's only natural that i like Billy Ruffian too.

Billy Ruffian - (My Girlfriend Is Like A) Trojan Horse

i was watching E4 music and this video came on. it's a fucking tune. Remi Nicole was just recently featured in NME in an article all about singer-songwriters. i've already chatted to death about Laura Marling, so here's a new breed that will surely pick up some heavy press during summer '07.

that's it for today because i'm lazy.
watch out for Dirty Hands and Sir Yes Sir coming tomorrow.