Thursday, 19 April 2007

so much for everyday..

yeah this was supposed to be an everyday thing but yesterday i went out in the sunshine, then for a meal instead.

anyway. i have been ob-sessssssssssed with this track for the past few days. it's just brilliant. i can't get enough of it. your usual electro remix, but it's sweeter than that. listen and love!

Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)

so finally here's my post about Dirty Hands. long over due!
they're five lads and they're from laaaahndaaan (or rather, they formed the band when they started uni in london). last september they were named demo of the month by my favourite DJ ever (Mr. Who's got the remedy John Kennedy). this is where i first heard them. i remember thinking "what the fuck, who is that? i must punish my ears some more by seeking them out and listening lots". no, i didn't i just thought "cheers for the add. i heard Get On Your Bike on xfm the other night and thought it was class! x" [direct myspace comment quote!!!11]
i don't know how i would summarise them in a few words or phrases, probably something liiiiike not quite electro, not exactly jagged indie but a blend of the two. it sounds good though. very good, and if you are attentive/know me personally then you will know that Dirty Hands played at the gig for my fanzine last Sunday. they were brilliant, and i think everyone enjoyed their set massively.

Dirty Hands - Vivid Imagination

Get On Your Bike Charlie is going to be their first single, out some time this year on limited vinyl (i assume). check their myspace for more details and such!

Sir Yes Sir post tomorrow (or Saturday, depending on what time the drinking starts!)