Wednesday, 25 April 2007

christ almighty.

i think Wednesdays should be banned. they are completely pointless and annoying, and usually the worst things ever happen on Wednesdays (no, i don't have any evidence to support this claim - fuck off).

i have heard a rumour that Field Music have split up.
on Blah Blah Blasé's myspace they have added "R.I.P" onto the end of their name. does that mean they've gone bye bye too? GUTTED.
in addition to this:
- i have a 3 hour mock exam tomorrow,
- Shitdisco have cancelled their Manchester gig on Friday,
- i have work at 10am on Saturday,
- i still have tonsillitus,
- AND. to top it all off, High Voltage managed to cut my favourite bit out of the Foals feature i wrote for them. (it's HERE for anyone that wants to read it).

here was my favourite bit that didn't make the cut:

“The moment you’re in a band everyone’s just like ‘you’re gorgeous but you’re dumb’." - Yannis, Foals.

other bits i thought were useful also were cut. crycry.

as consolation i have been eating tubs of ice cream (literally) and listening to lots of Bat For Lashes.

Bat For Lashes - Sarah

and lots of CocoRosie.

CocoRosie - Promise

yeah anyway. i wanted to have a rant about bands in general.
it must be amazingly eeeeeeeeeeasy to be in a band (please, do correct me if i'm wrong here). so touring a lot is tiring and whatever, but seriously. the perks clearly and obviously outweigh the cons. a friend of mine suggested that all bands should be made into promoters once in a while and then they would see that they have the easiest job in terms of a gig. i'm just annoyed at the amount of myspace bulletins i see saying "GIG CANCELLED" or "*HEADLINERS* DROPPED OUT". this isn't to do with Shitdisco. i understand that one of them is actually seriously ill and is currently in hospital, something totally unavoidable.
plus, they are going to reschedule, and i have seen them before. i will live.
i'm talking about the bands who drop out of gigs because their tyre burst or their van broke down or they got a headache or they forgot they were playing or they couldn't be arsed so they made up a shit excuse. just generally bands who think it's alright to drop out of gigs casually and not realise that it has a massive effect on their fans.
not only is it inconvienient, it is also disappointing and terribly selfish.

maybe i'm being harsh, maybe i'm not. who knows?

what i know is that bands these days are getting a bit too used to leaning on their management to get them a lift or their booking agent to find them the best gigs to play. the DIY ethic seems to have completely disappeared from the mentality of some bands, and is making the music industry look like it is full of boys in bands who wear jeans so tight that they restrict the blood flow to their brains. thus turning them into whingeing, moaning, crying cry babies. no one is there to hold you hand? big fucking deal. you lose a bit of money playing a gig in a new city for the first time? big fucking deal. you miss a rave where people who don't dance are going to be in attendance? big. fucking. deal.

i think some bands need a kick up the arse, and need to stop relying on the mollycoddling of the A&R world.

now listen to a band who do it all themselves. there's no frills here, just good fucking music and good live performances. one of Manchester's many underrated. Sir Yes Sir. guitar music that occassionally bleeps.

Sir Yes Sir - Bass Hit

i am in dire need of some retail therapy.
over and out.