Thursday, 26 April 2007

another day.

another dollar!
thanks for the get well messages, i am feeling better today.

my mock exam went disastrously. must have been the worst thing i've ever written in the whole of my academic history. but it was only a practise so no need to fret haha.

i was today told that Bat For Lashes are playing in Manchester in July. i am very excited as i haven't seen them befoooore. another gig to add to the list!

i didn't really have anything in mind for this post, but then i read a bulletin posted by Hot Club De Paris. they're going on tour, and taking GoodBooks with them. am i going to the tour? obviouslyyyy. i can't bloody wait. although it means i have to miss a friend of mine's band supporting Fake Shark Real Zombie!
Hot Club are fantastic. witty, clever, and sharp. NME once complained that they don't have proper choruses. if only all dysfunctional songs sounded as good as the 'Ot Club's do! their album 'Drop It Til It Pops' was one of my massive favourites of 2006, and i can't wait to hear any and all new material. Jamie T is fan, although i don't think much to that remix he did of 'Shipwreck'. (.mp3)

they make jaunty, catchy, innovative tunes. that has a nautical feel to it. sea shanties and all that.

Hot Club De Paris - Your Face Looks All Wrong

if you like them, make sure you check out goFASTER>> who are another band from the booming Liverpool scene. actually, i might do a post about Liverpool tomorrow.

there we go. sorted.