Tuesday, 1 May 2007

better late than never.

LIVERPOOOOOL. i can't stand the Liverpudlian accent. at all. it makes me want to cry and conjures up images of pink shell suits and twocking cars.

but there's some good bands from there, and Lexy is from there. so i won't hate.

The Wombats. everyone is bumming these lads at the minute, and with good reason too. they're brilliant. i first got into them around last November when i heard they were going to be supporting Good Shoes. so i thought i'd check them out, see if they were upto much. and i was suprised in the most wonderful of ways.

The Wombats - My First Wedding

goFASTER>> are like the little brothers of the big cowbell god in the sky. i adore them crazy amounts. i was supposed to go and see them on Sunday but laziness combined with a mild hangover, amazing weather and my lack of revision prohibited this. very Hot Club-esque.

goFASTER>> - You Better Watch Out

To My Boyyyyyyyyy. are brilliant. i bum them so much it's just stupid. they never ever fail to make me dance. i have annoyed countless djs (actually, i know exactly which djs) asking for 'The Grid' and i have annoyed them more by pulling a sour face when they played 'I Am XRay' instead. me and my friends even have an 'XRAY' dance (it also fits well to The Maccabees - XRay' - who i am incidently interviewing on Sunday aahh god). it involves x shaped arm movements and that's about it.
anyway. To My Boy are wonderful. electro dance but not like that. pop infused electric bleeping mashed with guitars. yeah, that's better.

To My Boy - In The Zone

i've spoken about Hot Club already so no need for a re-cap!
there's a million other bands from Liverpool, i am fully aware. i'm just too lazy to talk about them.

in other music related news! i have found that The Long Blondes' track that is playing in the Tate Modern beside that piece with the dead birds.

The Long Blondes - The Unbearable Lightness Of Building

i have also been listening to Volta. lots and lots. i am in love with it i think. might be my best album of 07. even better than To My Boy's! shocking.

Bjork - Declare Independence

this was very rambly. i suspect a more coherent post will be in order next time, when i can pull myself away from reading The Secret History!