Friday, 4 May 2007

part deux.

before i continue with my ramblings about the North East, i must mention a few things (some non-musical). firstly!
Spiderman 3. it's utterly shite. don't bother unless you're having a hard time getting to sleep. secondly!
the local council elections. shit shit shit shit. STOP VOTING TORY. thirdly!
Larrikin Love have split. oooh. drama. they were good but i'm not sure how a second album from them would have sounded. i'm not crying or anything. fourth!
New Order have split up!! i bet it was induced by that GOD AWFUL cover of Joy Division's 'Shadow Play' by The Killers. they are underserving of a link. and finally,
where'd the sunshine go??


Dartz! have been around for aaaaages, but they haven't really gotten the attention of too many people, which is a shame as they are worth a listen. i'm lazy so this is going to be very short.

Dartz! - Prego Triangolos

Kubichek! seem to be another victim of the exclamation mark sporting bands. i remember hearing 'Night Joy' and thinking "wooo i actually have silver shoes!" (some lovely ones from Topshop). similar sounding to Dartz! i guess.

Kubichek! - Night Joy

Oxfam Glamour Models are from Middlesbrough, the land of zombies. they have created a kind of dirty dirty indie that harks of the post-punk movement. there's something timeless, yet satisfying about their sound.

Oxfam Glamour Models - Postmodern Stars

Das Wanderlust are also from the land of zombies. "amazing amazing". is how i'd describe what i thought the first time i heard them. it was 'Apples' and i knew straight away that they were brilliant. in the same vein as pre-second album Help! She Can't Swim but they're more fierce and danceable.

Das Wanderlust - Apples

aside from that, there's a million north easterners hiding in bands you probably know. for example, Alex Kapranos in Franz Ferdinand and Joel Stone in Shitdisco.

so there we go. not everything up north is a complete waste of space. (i'm saying nothing about Sunderland AFC.. cough.)

aaaaand that's a wrap! obviously if there's bands i didn't feature please get in touch and tell me who they are!