Tuesday, 8 May 2007

to drink or not to drink.

is it a good idea to get drunk (not too drunk mind) at gigs? yes, you wake up in the morning with your mouth tasting like foot, but if you've had an amazing time that shouldn't really matter, right? but then again it often causes slight delusion that the bands were all completely brilliant. hmm.

on Sunday i went to see The Maccabees. i interviewed them first and managed to make a tit out of myself due to nervousness. anywaaaay.
Jack Penate had to pull out of his support slot due to illness, and in stepped friend of The Maccabees, Derek Meins. "a poet who basically screams at the audience" said Felix when i asked about him. and scream at us he did. it was more amusing than properly entertaining. perhaps it was the sex noises he made onstage that put me off.

up next were Fear Of Flying. i have to say that listening to their new demos hadn't convinced me too much, but seeing them played live was a million times better. especially 'Shadows'. it makes me want to make love to cowbells. (not really). but it is amazing, and that was the track i was singing all the way home. if this is a taste of things to come then we should all be keeping a very close eye on Fear Of Flying over the next 12 months. i can't wait to see them again.

Fear Of Flying - Shadows (demo)

then obviously came The Maccabees. i haven't been to a 'gig' gig in ages. you know the ones i mean. with crowd surfers and kids pushing this way and that way, and security repeatedly putting their crotches in your face.
i almost got crushed to death, and then almost drowned in my own sweat. it was a bit of a revelation to me; this was the reason i had stopped going down the front, and maybe even stopped going to bigger gigs completely.

near death aside, The Maccabees were on top form, close to bursting with enthusiasm. you could really see that playing to the sold out crowd meant everything to them. i'd only seen them once before but this time round was miles miles better.
i might even say that if Penate had played, this would have been the gig of the year for me.

The Maccabees - Happy Faces

then last night i went to see Letters & Colours at Bring On The Dancing Horses.
first up was Pictures Of You who is apprently related somehow to someone in Late Of The Pier or something. i always find one man bands incredibly brave (or stupid depending on how good/bad they are). Pictures Of You did look slightly nervous, but was nevertheless good. reminded me a little of Sir Yes Sir, but more on the pop side. indie electro pop is a fine summary.

Pictures Of You - Sunny Days

Letters & Colours took to the stage, complete in black attire to fit with their sombre undertones. they've been compared with the likes of Interpol, Editors, Bloc Party, and Joy Division. and i have to agree with the Joy Division comparison (and somewhat the Interpol one too). with their delicious moody new wave, Letters & Colours would fit perfectly in amongst the post-punk scene of yesteryear.
think The Cure fronted by a wide eyed young thing who likes to dance and has a voice deeper than is sensible.

'Plan A' video.

i have been downloading tons and tons of new music, so expect a good few posts to be arising over the next week or so!