Friday, 11 May 2007


yesterday i had the DAY FROM HELL. no lie, by mid afternoon i was near to throwing myself out of a window in a diva-style fit. and by near i mean not close at all.

i managed to drop my ipod in the bath. i've not been coping well at alllll. i've been ipod-less for about 24 hours and i'm getting the shakes.
i found out how much tickets for Devo were.. and thus can't go anymore.
then i had to cancel my holiday to London in August for complicated reasons. i was absolutely gutted and spent most of my time moping around. there were other things like not being able to go out this weekend due to a serious lack of money that also contributed to my day of 666.

but then! a guardian angel gave my dark dark cloud it's silver lining.

i have known about it for a couple of weeks now, however, i couldn't afford to pay for a ticket as well as train fare to Leeds. someone magically donated me a ticket! kindness like this really doesn't go unnoticed. it's probably the nicest thing someone has done for me all year.

i've just seen that Neils Children are supporting The Sounds in Manchester in June, as well as GoodBooks. i've loved Neils Children since their debut album was released in 2004 but i still haven't seen them live. i'd go, but i hate The Sounds with a passion. if i can get in for free i will, but aside from that..

Neils Children - Window Shopping

a bit of home loving for you now!

The Answering Machine are a three piece (plus drum machine called Mustafa) from Manchester. they've been dubbed as "the British Strokes" but i don't really think that's accurate. they're far less gritty, and much more of a sunshine band. they're really worth checking out and keeping an eye on over the next twelve months. i predict big big things!

The Answering Machine - Oklahoma

i'm going to see Crystal Castles on Monday so the post after that should be more exciting than this one was, haha. apologies!