Saturday, 12 May 2007

dancing in topshop.

Justice album leak! i haven't been online all day (strange isn't it, the things you miss in just under 24 hours!), so i haven't listened to the album yet. it's downloading as i type.

i've been to see This Is England and wasn't that impressed. it was alright, but the hype it's been surrounded by is a little too genorous i feel. worth seeing but not one to put on a pedastool.

my brother's been logged into my all day messing up my play counts. he's been listening to The Subways and allsorts. how annoying!

i've been listening to some 8-bit over the past couple of days and wondering how the hell you are supposed to dance to it. drunkenly i suppose. here's some anyway.

GOTO80 - Rofon

and here's some of that Justice leak. as much as i think it is very good to buy music, i think this is a leak you all must find and find now.

Justice - Let There Be Light

sorry for the briefness yet again!