Tuesday, 15 May 2007


sooooooo. i went to see Crystal Castles last night. as you can expect the venue was pretty full, and i was pretty wasted (cider & black forever!!) and pre-occupied with all things boy-related. there have been mixed opinions about Crystal Castles' performance. some say it was shocking (in a bad way) and others say it was brilliant. i'd have to say i'm leaning towards the brilliant side. it wasn't brilliant, but it was definitely good from where i was standing/swaying. on the whole the performance was energetic and amazingly loud. 'Air War' was obviously the standout track of the set. worth seven quid? yeah, i guess so. we did also get 5 hours worth of djing and dancing from the chaps who put Crystal Castles on, the Up The Racket team. a clubnight well worth checking out if you're ever in Manchester.

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
Crystal Castles - Chess Mess