Wednesday, 16 May 2007

leaking leaky leak.

there are albums leaking here and there and everywhere. i've just got my hands on the Art Brut album leak of yet-to-be-released 'It's A Bit Complicated'. i'm not an avid fan of Art Brut, in fact i'd say i'm not exactly a fan of any sorts of their music. or i wasn't until now. the album is much more accessible than their previous work. the Eddie Argos style is still in there but it's masked much more beneath punchy guitar riffs and choppy rhythms.

Art Brut - St. Pauli

Art Brut - Direct Hit

there's more dance-ability than on 'Bang Bang Rock & Roll', their debut album which was released in May 2005. the band haven't gone completely away from their sound, they've just refined it and made it a little more and a little less at the same time. definitely an album i'll be playing this summer (if the sun ever appears). 'Late Sunday Evening' is currently the running favourite, with 'Direct Hit' (the next single from the album) following closely behind. you can hear 'Direct Hit' on Steve Lamacq's Rebel Playlist if you vote for it here.