Friday, 18 May 2007

everyone needs good ones.

so a massive part of my daily routine has been axed from the BBC. obviously i'm referring to Neighbours, the long time running Australian soap with more cheese than you can shake a cow's leg at. the show is due to be moved to channel Five (boo hiss!) at the start of 2008, therefore becoming a two-part programme, split with one ad break in the middle. there is suspicion that Five are going to promote this as an 'Australian Hour', putting Neighbours back to back with not-worth-a-minute-of-your-time show Home & Away.

in light of this sad news i have been inspired to write a post with an Aussie/Down Under feel to it. (it's sad because i can't get chanel Five when it rains and i live in Manchester, ergo, i will never have channel Five).

DAAAHN UNDAH. it has brought us the likes of AC/DC (lord why oh why), Kylie Minogue (ditto), Jason Donovan (ditto), Olivia Newton-John (.. do you see a pattern yet?), erm Jet, Wolfmother and countless other bands not worth even a molecule of, well, of shit.

Wolfmother - Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix)

but it's not all bad! we've also been blessed with bands like Architecture In Helsinki and erm.. yeah. well they have Christmas on the beach, what do you expect?

The Mint Chicks are probably the best band to come out of New Zealand this decade. punk that isn't made for your dad who has already been there and had the shitty Mohawk and safety pin denim jacket (ew). The Mint Chicks make NOISE but you better believe it's noise that you will want to listen to over and over again. it crashes and beats its way into your head. they make "spazzy, heavy, poppy music" according to their website. certain tracks remind me of Hot Hot Heat, just to confuse things even more!
their track 'I Don't Want To Grow Old' has so far featured on just about every mixtape I have made this year, and will be doing so for a long long time. it's just brilliant. enjoy it most by screaming "bury me alive" after you've had an argument with your parents/spouse/friends/enemies whilst dancing on your bed with the sun glaring in your eyes.

The Mint Chicks - I Don't Want To Grow Old
The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

The Presets are from Sydney, Australia. their stomping electro sounds a little too scary to be from the same place as kangaroos and koala bears. i first heard them when i bought 'Digital Penetration', the compilation album that made my summer of '06. i was terrified and delighted all at the same time. 'Are You The One?' has clap-claps and is amazing when it's being played loudly in a club and you are shouting "aaaaaaaare aaaare yoooou the oooooooooooooneeee?" along with a hundred or so other sweaty dancing people.

The Presets - Are You The One?

The Presets - Girl & The Sea (Cut Copy -another Aussie band!- Remix)

i've already mentioned Operator Please in here and they are definitely worth having a listen to.

aaaand, just so i have something to do tomorrow night (staying in on the weekend does not agree with me), i shall continue with part deux tomorrow!