Monday, 28 May 2007

hold the phone.

i've been all over the shop the past few days.

went to the NME gig on Thursday and spent lots of time in the company of cider & black. the gig was better than i was expecting it to be. i enjoyed every single band (Blood Red Shoes, Pull Tiger Tail, The Little Ones and The Rumble Strips), Blood Red Shoes especially. i cannot wait to get my hands on their new single, 'It's Getting Boring By The Sea' on wonderful 7" on June 11th (pre-order it here). me and my friend were supposed to be recording an i-dent for the NME reviewer, however he was so wasted he wandered off and left us alone with the photographer. i'm expecting dreadful photos to appear next Wednesday. Pull Tiger Tail were dj-ing at High Voltage afterwards, however we went to see South Central at The Attic instead. i love South Central. i don't think their own tracks are appreciated as much as their remixes are.

Pull Tiger Tail - Animator
The Rumble Strips - My Oh My
South Central - Nothing Can Go Wrong

Friday night i went to Into The Black's label launch party in a warehouse thing. i won't comment on the five bands' performances as i wasn't exactly in a straight thinking type of mindset. (i ended up wrapped in toilet paper, dancing with a mannequin and covered in stars). bands playing were Politburo, The Ending Of.., Air Cav, Sir Yes Sir and iDresden.

Sir Yes Sir - Hit3 Remix

Yesterday (Sunday) i went to Eurocultured festival. i didn't make it out of bed until 4pm due to a heavy session the night before so i missed Modernaire but i was there in time for Disco Drive who were absolute quality. i've seen them before but this time round was just so much better.
smashing cymbals and heavy basslines are the key componants of what makes Disco Drive. i wish they lived in England so i could see them more often.

Disco Drive - A Factory Of Minds

Datarock were on the main stage which was underneath a bridge outside, so the sound was a little dodgy. as was Datarock's performance at the beginning of their set. they were out of time, but their enthusiasm didn't let that bother them. thumbs up for the Norwegian outfit, though i think i'd have been a little disappointed if i had had to pay to see them.

Datarock - I Used To Dance With My Daddy

finally i saw Yelle on the Contort Yourself stage which was in a dingy little place called SubSpace. by this time (about 9pm) everyone everywhere was either pretty drunk or on something, and the crowd was up for anything. as soon as the band launched into their first track the whole room was jumping and dancing underneath the strobes. i just wish there hadn't been any smoke coming from the smoke machine as it plays havoc with my eyes.
Yelle were just fantastic. i'm truly in love with them now. stomping French electro fronted by a woman who sings like she's singing rhymes in the school playground. if only i knew what she was actually saying!

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir
Yelle - Ce Jeu

apologies for the delay!

PS. am i the only person in the world who doesn't like The Moths??