Tuesday, 29 May 2007

new new new.

it's two weeks until my first exam and i am busy doing nothing. i've been finding myself thinking "ooh i could post such and such a band on my blog" instead of "Maslow's hierachy of needs is a hollistic persective in psychology".

i love it when people complain about how "shit music today" is, because it really isn't. you've just got to look a bit harder for the good stuff. the brilliance is that with myspace, blogs, etc the looking can be done oh so easily. so here's a couple of bands you might not have come across before, but should definitely check out.

The Pressure Drop are a "four piece guitar band, making noise from Croydon". they are what The View would sound like if they were any good, and anyone could understand what the hell their frontman was saying. their song lyrics are slight works of genius, talking about girls who want to be the next Jade Goody, being 17 and drunk, and people who are too cool for their own good. there's a punk-y vibe on their tracks that sets them apart from the other young London bands like Cajun Dance Party, etc.

The Pressure Drop - Peroxide Dreams

you can get all of The Pressure Drop's demos here.

Elle S'appelle could have been included in my post about Liverpool if i'd known about them beforehand. their tracks remind me of the sunshine, in the same way that bands like The Answering Machine and Sky Larkin do. there's some lovely keyboard action going on too. definitely ones to watch; i can see their infectious indie spreading like wildfire over the next 12 months.

Elle S'appelle - Seesaw

you can get a couple of other tracks off their myspace page here.

also check out ARMS who are also from Liverpool. they sound like a chilled out Danananayckroyd (who they are playing with towards the end of June in Liverpool). they make shouty lo fi indie, again similar to bands in the vein of Sky Larkin and Los Campesinos! have a listen to their tracks on myspace here.

Lo-Fi Culture Scene have two new tracks up on their myspace page for download so go and grab those whilst you can!

and many many thanks to everyone who has been commenting, sending messages of encouragement and plugging my blog. it means a lot!