Thursday, 31 May 2007


i have been doing a considerable amount of moping in the past 24 hours, i might even start sporting an emo fringe if things don't look up.
so i've gone for a 'best songs to mope to' theme, and the list is almost endless. funnily enough a large percentage of my most played tracks (itunes, not are mope-tastic tracks. that's because i have an overwhelming tendency to find a melancholy song and hit the 'repeat 1' button, whilst eating coleslaw on toast and feeling rather sorry for myself.

first up has to be Laura Marling. i've already spoken about her in this blog before (here), expressing my astonishment at her talent for someone so young. her angelic features disguise her powerful thoughts rather well i think. the particular song is 'London Town', simply because it's the saddest thing i own by her, but also the prettiest.

Laura Marling - London Town

what's a list without Patrick Wolf in it! i adore Mr. Wolf, and after having seen him live twice my thirst for more of his work has only been increased tenfold. a solo artist with an amazing gift and the ability to touch people's hearts and make them think with his strange off-beat, sometimes electro infused, folk but not folk music. the song is 'Bloodbeat' although there was strong competition from 'Empress' and 'The Stars'.

Patrick Wolf - Bloodbeat

next is the Pixies, woop woop. if you don't know who the Pixies are by now, well, things are pretty hopeless for yoooou! even my brother (who likes such dreggs as The Kooks, The Automatic and Green Day - post whatever their last album was called) likes the Pixies. the track is 'Hey' because it's amazing. simple.

Pixies - Hey

so i reckon that's a good amount of moping for today.
onto things of importance!

i've been mentioned in Million Music Marketing in their post titled "The Best UK Music Blogs" along with blogs like headphonesex, song by toad, popjustice and keep hope inside. plus! i am now averaging 100+ views per day. this makes me very happy.