Friday, 1 June 2007

remix my face.

i've been asked to DJ at Ashes To Eyelashed in August, which i find absolutely hil-bloody-larious seeing as i a) have no DJ experience whatsoever, b) have a broken iPod, c) keep my vinyls in a big cardboard box, and d) well, i'm just me - i dance, not DJ.

i know you have to fade and do something that involves pressing and pushing and twisting loads of buttons, but that's about it. if anyone can recommend a SIMPLE, easy to use, (preferrably FREE) DJ program/software for the Mac that will teach me the very very basics please do.

in light of this, and some wonderful discoveries of late, here's my REEEEEEEEEEMIX post. when i type 'remix' into my itunes it comes up with 165 tracks (out of 3413 that's not a lot).

first up! first heard this today, it's banging (or PHAT as Tracey from Big Brother would say).


Hot Club De Paris - Clockwork Toy (Metronomy Remix)

it's very Metronomy-esque, with its dark beats and underground club vibe. there's none of the sea-shanty-ing you'd usually expect from Hot Club but there's plenty of their vocal to be going on. very enjoyable, if a little awkward to dance to.

next is a song you can definitely dance to.

The Black Ghosts - Face (Lo Fi Fnk Remix)

you really can "taste the music" with this track. its 100% futuristic electro style put together with clapping and slapping and singing and noises is definitely this side of amazing. Lo Fi Fnk are always winners.

by far one of the best remixes done of a Klaxons' track so far.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (To My Boy Remix)

not that i'm bias because i love To My Boy or anything, coughcough. it's darker than their own work, but then i suppose you could say Klaxons are darker (ignoring all glowsticks, neon, crazily coloured jeans). there's much more of a RAAAAVE theme to this track too. those who are honest have put their hands up and said "yeah, we know, Klaxons aren't rave". rave being actual 90s dodgy tshirts, coloured dreadlocks, a few wasters in a field with carrier bags wrapped around their body on purpose RAVE. (maybe in ten years time that's what Klaxons will end up like).

not forgetting the track that put Crystal Castles on the map for many.

Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)

the now familiar sound of that weird siren-y thing has echoed many a time in indie clubs up and down the country, inducing people to dance and make that "ooh ooh" noise. a slice of Crystal Castles' best work i'd say. it also makes me want to sing "i've got the hots for you.." haha.

one of the best bands around at the minute had their first single remixed, i have two amazing versions but only one can win.

Late Of The Pier - Space And The Woods (Filthy Few Remix)

this remix brings in that futuristic element with distorted vocals and the hollowed out beats pave way for a much simpler drum 'n' bass infused rhythm to take over. a little lengthy, but i'd never say no to more of Late Of The Pier.

my beloved! The Futureheads. when i first got this track i was very skeptical, trying to imagine dancefloor beats mashed in between the jaunty guitar music.

The Futureheads - Worry About It Later (Switch Remix)

i was oh so wrong. The Futureheads and remix go very very well together. i love this remix especially as it's just so dance-able and that's what The Futureheads are all about for me. the way the vocals have been chopped up and stuck back together is also immense.

i despise Mika with every fibre in my body, but when re-done by a man i love dearly, the results are wonderful.

Mika - Love Today (Patrick Wolf Remix)

the taste of Wolf is all over this track, from the weird noises to the way Mika's voice has been stretched and pulled and wrapped around the electronic bleating and slap of the drum. it's a bit haunting too in the way that only Patrick can make nice things scary. lovely!

and last but definitely not least, a slice of the home front action! Daggers (previously known as Bureau) remixed by Modernaire. could it get any tastier? the answer you are looking for is a big fat no.

Daggers - Money (Modernaire Remix) - newer version!

this track sounds like the 80s being dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age . pure quality, but it's nothing less than i'd expect. visit Modernaire Remixed for a free download of Modernaire's remix of The Holloways' track 'Generator'.

if i'm uninspired by the time Sunday/Monday rolls around i might do a part deux to this as there are loads of other gems i'd like to share.

have a PHAT weekend, and don't kill yourself over the annoying-ness of Tory voting Pete Doherty rocker-boy nu rave indie loving Peaches Geldof lookalike Emily!