Sunday, 3 June 2007


remix part deux is going to have to be saved for another day, as there's an album i want to talk aboooout.

i can already hear the grumbles and groans and see people remembering the fucking awful video for 'Acceptable In The 80s' with the animal thing being dissected and the strange dance routines. so you can imagine i was highly surprised to realise that the forthcoming album 'I Created Disco' isn't actually a slice of half bad!

there are more good songs than bad ones, trust me. 'Acceptable In The 80s' and 'The Girls' are very poor reflections of Harris' work, and, i suspect, just attempts to get him out and onto the mainstream buyers' radar. of course, you're thinking "but even my little sister - who happens to like The Feeling - likes Calvin Harris!". once she's heard the album, she (like most of the rest of the Acceptable.. bandwagon jumpees) will be so confused and so put off by the dramatic and dark electro bleeping and beeping and noise-making that she will only ever remember Harris if someone shows her those stupid sunglasses him and his posse wear.

i have to say that this post was inspired not only by a good few listens of the album, but also but Calvin's performance on Pop World. obviously, no one sounds the same live as they do on record, but Harris does a pretty good job of it. aside from the distorted bits and samples, etc. so kudos to him.

the album is mainly made up of 4/5 minute long songs that could potentially be the bridge between electro and actual mainstream pop. i'm not talking "omg CSS are mainstream now because they are in NME every fucking week" or is this Calvin Harris playing on the TopShop PA? mainstream either. i mean, top ten hits every time, arena tours, Cascada collaborations and on the myspace profiles of people who shop in Mark One (i know, i'm such a hater).

favourites, and my most recommended:

Calvin Harris - Colours
Calvin Harris - I Created Disco
Calvin Harris - Electro Man

i could easily easily see myself dancing to 'Colours', as it fits in perfectly with many electro style tracks that are being made and played all around the country. i'll be surprised if it isn't released as a single. 'In The Industry' is well worth checking out too.

if the above tracks still don't convince you, i urge you to seek out the whole album (pre-order it here) - released 18th June 2007 - then pass comment.