Wednesday, 27 June 2007

life's exciting, right?

has this been the craziest hiatus ever?

first of all, my brother broke his arm. yeah, i know. 12 year old boys do that sort of thing all the time don't they? swinging from trees, running in front of cars, stomping round the house.. actually, they never grow out of that. but anyway.
he broke his arm. big deal.
but then he went and caught Compartment Syndrome. (haha, i say that like it's his fault). but two and a half weeks, lots of crying, stress, lack of sleep and SEVEN operations later he has come home. i won't bang on about it but it came at such a bad time, right before my exams. he's okay now, bit of pain but that's to be expected. he isn't going to lose his hand or anything so everyone has calmed down. a song to fit the bill has to be:

Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds

during my hiatus the weather has also seen it quite fit to rain. and when i say rain, i mean rain and rain and rain and rain and rain. it's raining right now. (i wrote that on friday the 22nd and it's STILL raining now - tuesday 26th).

Liars - Dumb In The Rain

so there have been a few album/EP leaks during my absense. stand out ones are obviously the new stuff by Interpol and from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. i haven't been able to stop listening to either. speaking of listening to things! my iPod has ressurected itself! i can't begin to tell you how happy i was when it came back to life.

Interpol - Rest My Chemistry

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Kiss Kiss

other things that have happened whilst i've been furiously revising (cough cough) and failing my exams and life:
- Gordon Brown anyone?- Paris Hilton released from jail then put back in jail and then released again
- Glastonbury typically flooded
- The Verve have reformed
- almost the end of the world on Dr. Who- Wimbledon has started! yesssss. there's nothing like watching tall, tanned, atheltic men running around getting sweaty. phwoar, haha. anyway..

there's also been an anti war demo in Manchester, more rain, and i've been to see To My Boy and CocoRosie.
To My Boy supported Pull Tiger Tail at the night & day cafe, and they were supreeeeeeeme! i think i love them even more after that performance. Pull Tiger Tail were average, but i got in for free so no complaints from moi.
CocoRosie were mind blowing. simply put. best birthday present i've had this year (admittedly seeing as my birthday is July 31st it is also the first, big love to Shaun).

To My Boy - The Grid
CocoRosie - Japan

the blogosphere has been continuing without me. you guys have been HELLA BUSY. i've found some new blogs that my computer insists on loading S-L-O-W-L-Y. nevertheless, here's some stuff you should check out:

- Toad, from Song, by Toad has gone and done a podcast. you can find it here. The Sequins feature on said podcast, and they are absolutely amazing. well worth a listen.
- Malcolm at Five Believers has updated finally after a nudge from me!
- i gabbled on about Gang Of Four for Sweeping The Nation and their feature Sings To Learn And Sing which unfortunately got cut short due to lack of submissions.
- The Daily Growl had a baby. well, his partner did. wooo, congratulations.
- The Roaring Machine and Spoilt Victorian Child got married, congrats Liz and Simon.

babies! marriage! two things i plan on never ever ever doing or having. i'm feeling rather young and carefree in light of this.

Elle Milano - Busy Busy Busy

i'm off to see Jack Penate tomorrow so if i'm not dead from liver failure/still on the booze (highly likely) i'll update with a more music-orientated post, not just rambling this and that. but for now i'm off to the pub! wooooooooooooo! realising that when i wake up tomorrow i don't have to do anything is making immeasurably happy. i'm so happy i could be sick.
many many many many thank yous to everyone who has wished me well with my exams and people who've told me to hurry up and finish so i can start posting in here again, haha.