Monday, 2 July 2007


i'm going through these love-hate phases with things quite regularly of late. my current phase concerns this big big city i live in but won't in about ten weeks time.

Friday was the first night of the Manchester International Festival with The Wombats playing at academy 3. it didn't feel like a festival at all, and a friend and i drunkenly stole someone's laminated lanyard with a hologram on. the security told me i can only use it in conjunction with a ticket but what it does, i have absolutely no clue. i'll have to test the waters! when i pull my finger out, there'll be a review of the gig up on High Voltage.

despite having lived here for nearly 15 years of my life, i still haven't managed to explore every bit of the city although i'm definitely trying to. Friday and Saturday nights out can either be absolutely amazing, or quite boring depending on where you go, when you go, how off your face you are, who you go with and how often you've been to that particular place. i think i'm starting to get quite weary of seeing the same faces in the same places. some, i don't mind. but others are grating on my nerves, and i'm worried that these last ten weeks of living in Manchester will become tiresome because of those people and the repetitive feeling going on with certain places.

then again, maybe i'm not getting drunk enough. regardless of that, here's to moving to the Big Smoke!

for the next week, i'm going to be bringing you some of my favourite bands from Laaaaaahndaaahn in celebration of packing up my shit, and moving it 200 miles south to share it with a bunch of strangers/smelly teenage freshers at university.

today i have to profess my undying love for Bombay Bicycle Club. they're from north London and i think they're just fantastic. and at 17 and 16 years old, i can only imagine what wonders they will be creating in the way of indie pop in a couple of years time. delicate but not at all, singing about the things that teenagers do but managing to make their songs simple and wonderful at the same time.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Cancel On Me
Bombay Bicycle Club - Open House

buy their EP (links on their myspace) because it is definitely worth your pennies!