Thursday, 5 July 2007

going underground..

Tuesday was my cousin's 15th birthday. she's recently decided that she like 'rock music' and by that i mean Linkin Park (gag). so i very kindly made her a CD and titled it 'An Antidote To Linkin Park: Songs That I Like That I Think You Should Also Like'. i basically shoved on your basic beginnings to guitar music. nothing too heavy or alternative, just simple pop songs.

featuring on the CD and following with my London theme, are Good Shoes. because they're amazing.
if you don't know about Good Shoes yet, where the hell have you been these past twelve months? i first saw Good Shoes live in January '06 supporting Be Your Own Pet (probably one of my favourite gigs, top ten definitely). i'd heard 'Small Town Girl' on the radio a few months before hand and searched frantically for their music online. there was a 12 track demo that the band themselves had put up for people to listen to and i became slightly addicted.

after months and months and months of touring, an EP release and several single releases the band recorded their debut album 'Think Before You Speak'. as a long time fan the first time i heard the album i immediately protested that the demos were better, but now i know i was mistaken. 'Think Before You Speak' is one of my favourite albums this year (top three i reckon) and has only made me anxious for endless streams of new material from the band.

their live performances are always special and i've been to every gig they've played in Manchester since that gig with Be Your Own Pet. seeing them in London will be a strange experience!

Good Shoes - We Are Not The Same
Good Shoes - Questions And Answers

fellow Good Shoes fan, Shaun, has just started his own music blog over at Puzzled. so go check it ahhhht.

ps. the new background is not 'emo'!!