Monday, 9 July 2007

new meeeeat.

last week i came across a band called Cut Off Your Hands. i thought it was the first time i'd heard them but i had listened to some of their tracks when they were called The Shaky Hands.

i'd never took much notice until i downloaded a couple of tracks from á la discothèque. i was instantly hooked on Cut Off Your Hands' infectious spiky indie pop. there's the all too obvious Futureheads comparisons i could throw around to describe their sound and get myself accused of sloppy journalism. basically, Cut Off Your Hands are brilliant. no word of a lie. if you like fresh sounding, up beat, quirky, spiky guitar orientated music, this band is most definitely for you.

Cut Off Your Hands - Expectations

yesterday i went to see a very excitable Cajun Dance Party on their second day of their first ever tour.
first of all, smoke free venues are weird to begin with. but a smoke free Night&Day Cafe is just strange beyond belief. they were supported by the brilliant Jakobinarina who hail from Iceland.
Jakobinarina looked like they were giving the performance of their entire lifetime, jumping all over the shop including getting involved in the five people 'moshpit' that was going on. i think they sound better live than they do on record, and i'm looking forward to seeing them again sometime in the future.
Cajun Dance Party were, as expected, on top form. as it was a matinee show, i was a little miffed that the whole thing was over before half past nine (another support act were scheduled but they cancelled) but i have to hand it to the two bands. i enjoyed both bands lots and lots. well worth seeing! the only downside were the kids behind me who kept trying to grab Cajun Dance Party's legs whilst screaming "WE LOVE YEWWWWWWWW!!!!!" in my ear. what is with that?

Jakobinarina - 17
Cajun Dance Party - The Next Untouchable

tomorrow i'm off to see Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames which should be a definite bargain for £3 entry. if i can remember any of it i'll give you the lowdown.