Thursday, 12 July 2007


i'm really behind with everything, absolutely everything. this is mainly because i am a very selfish teenager who chooses to procrastinate lots and lots.

so today's post is completely about a separate post in a different blog.

the Great Stereogum have made something i think i'll be listening to for the rest of the year.

a tribute to Radiohead's phenomenal album OK Computer to celebrate the 10th anniversary since it's release.

here's the post about it, and here's where you can download the tribute which is some of Stereogum's favorite musicians doing song-by-song covers of the whole OK Computer album.
they are entirely correct in marking out the significance and impact of possibly one of the best albums of all time. even if you aren't a Radiohead fan, you cannot deny that if it weren't for OK Computer (as well as Pablo Honey in my opinion) music today would not exist like it does.
my favourite track on the tribute album has to be Cold War Kids' version of 'Electioneering'. superb all round! if you do anything at all with your weekend please download the album, or at least reminisce with Radiohead!

.. oh, and i can't remember Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames very well. i woke up with a sticker stolen from a bus saying 'please let elderly people sit on these seats' on my forehead and vomited very neatly in my friend's bathroom. 'nuff said.