Friday, 13 July 2007

wow wow wowwwww

OKAY. this is possibly the first post i have made with such a sense of urgency, but if i do not get this music out to the world, i think i'll actually have an instant heart attack (do you get non instant heart attacks?), keel over, foam at the mouth a bit and then DIE.

it's half past three in the morning, i don't do this kind of stuff for just any old music.

if you aren't a strict reader of All Things Go, you might have missed their updates with 'Nick Miller's Song Of The Week' every now and then. i'm a "selective reader", as i'm sure most of you bloggers are. i hadn't heard the name Nick Miller before so nothing jumped out at me or urged me to want to download the tracks accompanying various Nick Miller posts made by ATG. then a cover of 'Umbrella' (ella, ella, eh eh eh eh..) popped up by said Mr. Miller. however the track on offer at ATG was only 20 odd seconds long, forcing me to visit Nick's myspace.

where i stumbled over 'Chemicals And Cowboy Boots'. it. is. AMAZING. from beginning to end, it is just fantastic. it's as if someone has rolled Anthony And The Johnsons and Radiohead into one. i cannot describe how much i want to wrap this song around my head and carry it everywhere with me. i heavily suspect it is going to soon rival Patrick Wolf's 'Bloodbeat' as my most played song.

download 'Chemicals And Cowboy Boots' as well as the 'Umbrella' cover from Nick's myspace: here. and add him and leave him lots of lovely appreciative messages.
if you do not, you will force me to have a hernia. thanks.