Monday, 23 July 2007

they call me her, they call me stacey..

so you think you like The Horrors? or you think you like Neils Children, or XX Teens or Plastic Passion or Les Georges Leningrad or Boys Of Brazil or Twisted Charm?

well without The Cravats none of those bands would be where they are today.
with a mere 500-odd friends on myspace you wouldn't think that was the case, but it really is true. i only came across The Cravats via my dear (not actually that old) dad. he was rather surprised certain members are still alive let alone releasing singles (The Cravats released a single in January this year) and running profiles on social networking sites.

their dirty sounding punk is like listening to the above bands all mashed toegther. yes, including saxophone. they're scary yet endearing, and were a favourite of the late and great John Peel. all for good reason too.

i demand you listen!

The Cravats - In Your Eyes
The Cravats - Welcome

first post with YSI! let me know how it fares/plays up/acts like a twat.
ps. sorry for the really lazy post.. i'm feeling lazy. doesn't the beginning of Cajun Dance Party's new single sound like it should be Arcade Fire?

and ppppppps. what is the deal with everyone bumming Windmill? i can't be the only person who thinks he's a bit rubbish.