Monday, 6 August 2007

change is gonna come.

Saturday saw the day many Mancs had been waiting for all year. D Percussion!

after many stops and starts over the past 10 years, D Percussion developed into one of the biggest free music festivals in the whole of Europe. Saturday was unfortunately the "last ever" D Percussion due to money problems/lack of sponsors. it's a great shame and i'm crossing my fingers that next year or the year after there'll be a creation of a brand new free festival in Manchester that is just as good and filled with acts of such a wide variety.

on the day i managed to catch several performances due to my amazing sobriety. running between stages was a slight annoyance, especially when combined with those fucking cobblestones! there were some slight over-crowding problems, stage times running all over the place and bands pulling out which did make for a rather anti-climatic day in the end.
Lo-Fi-FNK were brilliant, as were The KBC and Twisted Charm (both of whom were my favourites of the day despite missing half of both bands' sets). The Whip were crowd pleasing, Van She had all the pissheads dancing away, The Answering Machine showed off their brand new drummer with their twee indie pop, Fear Of Music seemed to have improved immeasurably since the last time i saw them and The Sunshine Underground strode away with most people's musical hearts after an amazing performance.
i also saw a few songs by The Courteeners when i was looking for someone i'd lost earlier on. i don't get them? generic, much. they seem to have a massive following of your typical boy-in-checked-tshirt-and-jeans type. definitely not inspiring!

Lo-Fi-FNK - Heartache

Twisted Charm - Boring Lifestyles
The KBC - Poisonous Emblem

for my birthday i got a MacBook Pro laptop and have been enjoying looking at it in awe, ha ha.
as soon as we get our wireless internet sorted i'll post up the very first Fucking Dance Podcast! yaaay. now you'll get to hear my god awful voice and my sketchy GarageBand abilities. oh dear.