Saturday, 11 August 2007

friday feeling

so, whilst i sit here plotting a million ways to kidnap Russell Howard and force him to marry me, Channel 4's The Album Chart Show show is on in the background.

some of the artists featured on it tonight are Calvin Harris, some god awful ginger (i get to say ginger with contempt because i suffer from the same affliction, haha) white guy with dreadlocks and (ugh) The View.

'headlining' the terribly annoying show is Kate Nash. Nash's album was released on Monday and is obviously going to slam dunk it's way into one of the top 2 slots in the charts come Sunday.

i've listened to the album a couple of times and although i enjoy some of Kate's music, the album is such a massive disappointment. it's clearly rushed. not only in terms of song writing and production but also with regard to exposure and press.

everywhere i go all i hear is people going "your mates are much FITTAH" and i'm praying that they stop before i actually hurt them. everyone's pegged and posted Nash upon the merit of her shoddy album which is a shame. if only she hadn't gone so far down the comercialised, mark-one shopper friendly, tracksuit wearing people appealing route! not that i have anything against anyone who wears a tracksuit.. my brother wears one when he plays squash and everything.

overall, a huge letdown that has been forced on us too quickly. i hope Kate fades out and then takes a few years to mature and refine her sound into something with all the substance that 'Made Of Bricks' lacks.

Kate Nash - Dickhead
Kate Nash - Nicest Thing

also!! TONY WILSON! :( not good news. a legend has passed away. if it hadn't been for him, well. music would not be where it is today. R.I.P Tony.

Joy Division - Isolation