Monday, 13 August 2007

get girl kill baddies save planet.

sooooo. yesterday i went to my very first ALL DAY gig. i have come to certain conclusions about them already. they should either, a) provide very cheap food, or b) provide very very cheap alcohol, food is probably the best bet.

first onstage was a band called Stars Of Track & Field. they were immensely boring and will never get anywhere with that lead singer. she needs to decide whether she wants to be herself, Blondie or Karen O.

next up was I Say Marvin. i was much looking forward to them and they definitely didn't disappoint. cowbells! very impressed, and can't wait to see them again.

then The Ghost Frequency were up. i can't really see what all the fuss over these guys is about. they were mildly entertaining with their jumping around but that's all.

Dead Disco from Leeds were onstage next and although i had a feeling they were going to be rubbish they weren't half bad. their new stuff sounds impressive.

youngsters Clarky Cat jumped onstage next and were brilliantttttt. i must must see them again live. well worth it. witty stage banter as well as excellent music combined with an excitable performance.

the next band on were called The Real Dolls and they were so dreadful i went and sat outside until they'd finished. i don't even know why they were on that bill. they were GOD AWFUL.

fiiiiiiinally Late Of The Pier came onstage. last time i saw LOTP the only song i can vaguely remember is their forthcoming single 'Bathroom Gurgle'. this time i remember everything! they were on fan-tastic form, jumping all over the place, rolling around, etc etc. they played a new song which sounded like 80s electro heaven. i cannot wait to get my hands and ears on it. 'Bathroom Gurgle' is still my favourite song of theirs and shouting "find yourself a new boy" seems like it will never grow old. bring on Leeds fest so i can do it again!

ones to watch!: Clarky Cat - Decide