Tuesday, 14 August 2007

oh dear oh dear..!

so The Dead 60s forthcoming album has leaked. ALREADY. it's due out for release in January. it's a bit sad for the band but i suspect it'll be brought forward and released on download much earlier.

it's titled 'Time To Take Sides' and i have definitely chosen a side.

the album is wank. end of story. incredibly disappointing seeing as they were a treat to see live, and their previous material has been good. a great shame! i feel quite sad about it really. they've had so long to work on it and make it brilliant but everything has gone down tempo and there's none of the haunting punk/ska vibe left. there's one passable track and one good one:

The Dead 60s - Liar (passable)
The Dead 60s - Seven Empty Days (good)

to cheer myself up i will be listening to phenomenal amounts of Dirty Projectors and their forthcoming album 'Rise Above' which is the best thing i have heard all year. fact.
this band are probably an acquired taste but a taste well worth getting at. they are currently touring with YACHT and Vampire Weekend to give you a brief indication of their amazingness! try them and see.

Dirty Projectors - Depression
Dirty Projectors - Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego

speaking of all things dirty, Dirty Hands have a new track up on their myspace called 'Desire Desire Desire' so go check it out. don't forget the single, 'Get On Your Bike Charlie', is out on 7" at the beginning of September.

oh, and keep nominating!


hey kids, you can now NOMINATE THIS BLOG in the Manchester Blog Awards, 2007 (CLICK for details!).

to break it down: email the email address given with the URL (fuckingdance.blogspot.com) of this blog, along with the category/ies you think i should belong to. eeeeeasy peeeeeasy. you have until September 7th to read and re-read in case you don't understand the instructions.

it's cash prizes, which is quite exciting. i'm good at winning things (or rather, i don't like losing).

there are five categories, three of which i am eligible to be entered in. (ARTS & CULTURE, BEST NEW BLOG, BEST CREATIVE WRITING). so get nominating! to be in with a chance of winning, i have to make it onto the short list of blogs. to make it onto the short list i have to be nominated. and i figured that the more i am nominated, the better chance i have of being on the shortlist and therefore winning (which i am good at). comprende? excellent!

some chaps who have already voted for me after an urgent myspace bulletin are Citylights. i posted about them a while ago, mentioning their fresh-faced appearances. then they went an recruited someone with a beard! a beard! i can't say they all look 12 anymore.
they have newly recorded tracks up on their myspace so do go and have a listen.