Sunday, 19 August 2007

eeee eee eeeee!

i've just got my hands on Let's Stay Friends and would be jumping around with excitement if it wasn't for the slightly dodgy feeling i still have in my stomach from the other night. there's a review of the album on Turn The Page.
i bought my ticket to see Les Savy Fav at the Scala the other day and i'm actually scared that i will pee myself with anticipation when October 22nd comes around. i just hope i don't do it at the gig, that's never a good look and especially not when you're on your own in a crowd.

Les Savy Fav - Raging In The Plague Age (from 'Let's Stay Friends', due out 18th September in the US and October 1st in the UK).

in other news! my friend is at Greenman Festival and sent me a text message saying "it has rained all day, Joanna Newsom was great and showed more than a bit of leg" which is a bit cryptic and creepy at the same time. all this talk of festivals is getting me hyped up for the Carling Weekend. and has reminded me that my tent requires some duct tape action.

in other other news! Dan from Dirty Hands has started a music blog. it's called Shattered Satellite and is already shaping up to be ace so go and check it out. there's a Modernaire on Dirty Hands remix up for grabs too and it sounds amaaaaazing.