Tuesday, 21 August 2007

i said oh oh leave us alone.

i can't believe in my M.I.A. post yesterday i forgot to mention my argument with a shitty DJ in Manchester's "legendary" 42 Second Street "indie" nightclub. first of all, i am rather argumentative with the average joe public when it comes to music. pour a few (okay, a lot of) vodka redbulls down me and i'm worse.

i asked the DJ, "do you have any M.I.A.?" and he replied by screwing up his annoying mainstream loving face and said "ugh, she's not indie". i think my jaw hit the floor at this point. i could have said 'you are a TWAT' or various other rude things but i didn't. instead i started rambling on about XL and how they are an independent label and therefore an 'indie' label and that M.I.A. is on XL and that therefore makes her an "indie" artist. does it not?
he just replied by saying "that's not what indie is. anyway i'll put some Pigeon Detectives on".

it made me so angry. plus, they didn't even know who Foals were. not going back there unless i'm completely skint. haha.

Blah Blah Blah - Death To The Indie Disco

it seems as if there's tons and tons of albums floating around right this minute that i haven't listened to. i have just had a copy of Harrisons' debut, 'No Fighting In The War Room' land on my computer desktop.

it starts off catchy, which is always a good thing. but there's a little something missing. although the two are different styles of bands, i am kind of hoping that Harrisons can fill the now empty Dead 60s shaped hole in my musical life. it's fast paced, it's northern, it's 'boys in bands', it's catchy, it's complete with 'gruff' vocals.

'Man Of The Hour' could be The Pigeon Detectives, but it isn't. so i won't make too many more lazy journalist statements.

i remember hearing 'Wishing Well' on the radio and literally falling over myself to go and buy it. even though it came out some two years ago (two years tomorrow to be exact), it's still as catchy and brilliant as ever. good move keeping that song on the album.

overall: hmm. worth a listen. it's a grower.

Harrisons - Man Of The Hour
Harrisons - Monday's Arms

also: OH MY GOSH. you know that Robyn song? yeah, the one that is eeeeeverywhere allllllll the time? well. i did amazingly to avoid listening to the thing the whole way through. that is until yesterday! i was minding my p's and q's (what does that even mean?) on myspace with the TV on in the background. and that song came on. now i am addicted to the last 1 minute and 33 seconds. ugh, i hope there's a cure.

Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

god this was long.