Wednesday, 29 August 2007

LEEDS FEST 07. pt 1

leeds festival 2007. in summary: more disappointing than 2006's fest, but a top weekend nonetheless.

i managed to avoid numerous bands i had really really wanted to see due to several reasons such as time clashes, the carling tent being moved FIFTY MILES AWAY (move it the fuck back!), not sleeping for 48 hours, and huge queues for the toilet/to get into the arena.
some of the bands i missed but wanted to see were: Interpol (i know, i know), Maximo Park, Arcade Fire, Sky Larkin (on both days!), Bombay Bicycle Club and Crystal Castles. bit rubbish when you think about it.

i am a walking disaster and managed to lose my ticket after i'd set my tent up but before i'd exchanged it for a wrist band. going out of my mind, i was distraught at missing the 'warm up' performances by several bands on Thursday put on by Dance To The Radio. luckily enough for me, one of my friends found a ticket a few hours later (not my ticket, so some other poor bastard went without) and i managed to catch the last song by Shut Your Eyes.. and the entire ¡Forward, Russia! set, which was, even though i have now seen them live 12 times, very impressive.


Late Of The Pier - kicking things off properly were the boys from Doninngton. they managed to blow away the cobwebs and slightly hungover feeling from the night before with their excellent electro pop. i've always heard mixed reports of LOTP's performances, however, having now seen them all of three times, i have not yet been disappointed.

Pull Tiger Tail - last time i saw them i wasn't impressed. this time i was killing time and still not that impressed.

I Was A Cub Scout - delectable! i loved this set.

Operator Please - absolute QUALITY. how they manage to be so good at such a young age is beyond me. it actually makes me feel really old. i am looking forward to seeing them again loads and loads and loads.

The Maccabees - good, but not any better. i'd have liked to hear new material perhaps.

Cold War Kids - one of my favourite performances of the entire weekend. gave me shivers up my spine with their haunting voices. massively enjoyed it. i've been wanting to see them for just over 18 months and that was not disappointing at all.

Gallows - i had to go and check out the madness that is Gallows. it was very mad. but enjoyable. maybe not if you don't know the songs but singing "MY NAME IS CASANOVA AND I'M BASICALLY A MAN" along with the other insane people in the tent was intense. if i could guarantee safety, i'd go and see them again in a smaller venue although they look set to get pretty big. although us northerners missed the onstage tattooing, we were treated to lead singer, Frank Carter deciding to climb the rigging holding the tent up and jump onto the crowd from a ridiculous height. ouch!

LCD Soundsystem - good, very good, BUT. not as good as Leeds 2005 (not even close), and the crowd was full to bursting with complete idiots going "OOH OOH" when it didn't even match the rhythm of the song.

Smashing Pumpkins - not really my thing to begin with, and it seemed like they weren't anyone's thing. there was a constant stream of people coming away from the stage, and at one point i could have managed to get along the barrier at the front. very disappointing as i expected to be blown away by such legends.

my friend's verdict on Smashing Pumpkins was: "i was born to see that performance, and it was shit! 18 years of anticipation and all for nothing". gutteddddd.

Late Of The Pier - Random Firl
Operator Please - Get What You Want
Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves

pt. 2 coming!