Friday, 31 August 2007

LEEDS FEST 07. pt 2


first i went to see Tim Minchin the comedian who wasn't that comedic. his jokes about Israel and Palestine kind of put a dampener on the lovely weather.

Blood Red Shoes - an amazing set from an amazing band. i love these guys so much. bring on a full album please please please!

i wanted to be at the front and nowhere else for Patrick Wolf (who, by the way, is NOT quitting music - yaaaaay) so i went down to the Carling Stage and hung around there for a good few hours.

1990s - i was quite impressed by the Scottish rockers. i wasn't expecting great things but they did well to deliver. definitely want to try and see them again some time.

Reverend And The Makers - what. is. this. band. even. about. absolute shite. i thought my ears were bleeding from all the yorkshire accent singing/talking at one point. band with a message? please fuck off. just because you can get lairy louts in awful shirts to jeer along with you doesn't make you 'man of the people'. do one (preferably off a hilltop).

Cajun Dance Party - a lovely set from the young'uns. topped off with balloons everywhere, CDP put on an energetic performance. the crowd wasn't as lively as i would have expected, despite me being possibly one of the oldest ones there.

Jack Penate - was suffering from a sore throat but still gave a valiant effort. it went down very well.

Patrick Wolf - now, i know absolutely everyone has been saying that he was the highlight of the weekend. it's pretty much because it's 100% true. minus him not playing 'Bloodbeat'. i was screaming like a fangirl and waving my arms outstretched for most of the set. but so was everyone else. the atmosphere was electric, and Patrick was witty and pretty and just completely brilliant. i loved him lots already but that performance has pushed me over the edge.

after this i walked past Razorshite with my fingers in my ears, skipped back to my tent and didn't go to sleep until 7pm on Sunday. nothing like a Wolf buzz to keep you up at night, haha.


the first band i saw was Eagles Of Death Metal lolololol. there was no Josh Homme and that made things very disappointing as i really needed to fill my "sexy man who shouldn't be sexy but still is" quota for the day. i got bored and headed over to see Good Shoes.

Good Shoes - were on form, however i'd liked to have heard some new material or something to make their performance to stick out.

Metronomy - enjoyable for a Sunday morning. i can't help feeling they would have been better suited to a nighttime slot so i could have danced in the dark drunkenly. their music is music to be listened to in the dark.

Foals - not as impressive as i would have hoped!

then i went to bed.

and came back to see Battles who were rockinggggg. i loved every second of their performance and they turned what happened to be quite a dreary Sunday into something much better.

yaaay no more leeds fest blogs.

Battles - Tij (right click, save as!)
Patrick Wolf - A Boy Like Me (ditto)
Blood Red Shoes - Try Harder (ditto again)

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