Sunday, 2 September 2007

extra extra, read all about it

Headlines are a five piece from Manchester. i first came across them at D Percussion and was instantly hooked on their infectious brand of spiky guitar pop. think Assembly Now, Video Nasties and Awful Sparks and you kind of have an idea.

they got together three years ago after parting ways from two other bands. they came together under the name 'The Headlines' and just recently changed that to 'Headlines' when "it was written on a ticket by mistake once and we thought it looked shit hot!"

their next single, 'Takeover', is literally one of the most addictive songs i've heard all year. it's brilliant, and i can't get enough of it. they played yesterday as part of the New Islington Festival, however, due to some bad timing by moi, i managed to miss their set completely and was a bit gutted.

they really are fantastic, and well worth a listen. expect big things!

their inspiration?
"In terms of lyrics i [Duncan Wallis] just try to be as neurotic as possible so in that sense i'd say having a shit repetitve job for two years in an empty rural pub has brought alot of character to the songs so far."

their ambitions?
"At the moment i'd say we're all craving for a van (3 cars just isn't very Green of us!). But there's always that "lets write the next 'pet sounds' or 'marquee moon' for our generation" kind of bollocks swimming through our heads on the album side of things. But another ambition would be trying to hold off university as well, cos we cant be arsed."

what we can expect over the next 12 months?
"Definately more singles. We released our first single very early on and it took about a year for us to be happy with a second one. So this time i'd say alot more singles, with whacky b-sides! like adapting the a-side into 3/4 so its got more swing! And also, proper touring."

'Takeover' video, the forthcoming single, out September 17th.

the band are playing at 5th Avenue with Orphan Boy on September 18th and The Social in London on September 24th, as well as The Enterprise in London on the 26th.
hopefully i will be dancing away at both the London dates!

Headlines Myspace, where you can download 'A Long Process' for free.