Tuesday, 4 September 2007

the bitch is back?

whilst waiting for my jeans to finish in the tumble dryer, yesterday i fiiiiinally got round to listening to that new Britney track, 'Gimme More'. everyone seems to like it, and fair dos. it's not a good song, but it definitely belongs in your collection. probably alongside your secret stash of Rihanna and Girls Aloud. i'm waiting for some hot shit remixes!

find 'Gimme More' here. it's also streaming on Perez here, as if you didn't know.

speaking of remixes. check out Pixxxels (Dan from Sir Yes Sir's blog) for all your guilty pleasures made completely unguilty.

also! can someone pleeeeease dispel the rumour that it is Phil Collins inside the suit in this advert? i'm scared if it's actually him.