Thursday, 13 September 2007

everything's okay everything's alright.

it has been a crazy few days ahead of my move to the big smoke so i apologise for the lack of substantial posting (which will probably continue for a good week or so).

i've been making a CD for the car journey on Sunday to London and it has the unoriginal theme of "songs about London, moving to London, leaving London, hating London, loving London, .. songs with the word London in the title or just general songs about leaving or moving, new eras and more leaving".

so i thought i'd post up a couple for my fellow university freshers, and especially for Josh and Shaun who also happen to be taking up residence in our wonderful capital.

The Bridge Gang - London Sky Tonight

The Clash - Guns Of Brixton
David E. Sugar - Oi New York This Is London
LR Rockets - London Girls (a bit of a dodgy copy, but a fantastic song nonetheless)

also, here's a song that describes everything i won't miss when i'm gone.

Modernaire - Rain

anyway anyway. i went to see Elle S'Appelle and they were fantastic. i cannot wait to see them again which will probably be at the Moshi Moshi night at Hoxton Square Bar, October 25th. i can get drunk again and tell them how massive their band will be (again) and to remember me when they're hanging around with Britney and Madonna (again). cringe cringe cringe!

in my last post i thought i'd posted an exclusive but i hadn't. gutted. except, here's a REAL one. an exclusive that is:

Late Of The Pier - Space And The Woods (Jack And The Free Trees Remix)

it's brilllllllllllliant! it's very Jack And The Free Trees and not much Late Of The Pier. a mellower remix that still packs a punch. please check it out, and do check out Jack And The Free Trees. they were on XFM Manchester last night and i'm super proud (even if it was the Clint Boon show). Their drummer, Tom, also happens to be moving to university in London soon so good luck to him and everyone else!

Jack And The Free Trees - All Is Permafrost

(don't forget you can right click save as all songs now!)