Saturday, 22 September 2007

Late Of The Pier - live at Fabric, 21/09/07

this review should have come to you earlier and regarding Late Of The Pier's performance in Hoxton. however, due to some twats (i.e. the promoter and the bouncers) me and my friends were "removed" from the property (several times, including after being let in through the fire escape by LOTP). and all because my friend vomited. in the toilet. but don't get me started or i'll just get worked up about it. we had all of LOTP as well as Erol the one and only Alkan fighting our corner and trying to get us back inside the venue. if only it had worked, psh.

we rolled into Fabric, slightly bemused by all the stairs and shapes that slightly resembled swastikas (lol at that bag from Zara). then we got the shock of our lives when the barman asked me for £4 when i ordered a vodka and coke. single measure! expensive doesn't even begin to cover it..

Late Of The Pier took to the stage and almost immediately everyone started going mad. it's not the best i've seen them but they certainly put on a hell of a performance. 'Random Firl' sounds more than immense with added lyrics and 'The Bears Are Coming' is a complete stroke of genius. obvious set closer was Bathroom Gurgle which sounds good no matter where or when you hear it, i think it's possibly my favourite song of this entire year. well worth the trek to east London!

alsooooo. LA Priest (singer Sam's other project) is getting quite a bit of attention lately and so it should. with Erol Alkan managing him, LA Priest won't have to work very hard to get people's attention.

Late Of The Pier - Random Firl (with lyrics)
LA Priest - Engine

ps. as you can probably tell, i'm having a fantastic time in London. apologies for the sporadic updates that will be coming your way until i'm 100% settled.