Saturday, 29 September 2007

album leeeeak.

Jack Peñate's forthcoming debut album, 'Matinee', has leaked on the good old internetz. it's out October 8th so that's not too much of a wait for those of you opposed to downloading advances.

it's good. but it feels like there is something missing. all the songs you know ('Second, Minute Or Hour', 'Torn On The Platform', 'Spit At Stars', 'Got My Favourite') they're all on there and have been reworked and sprinkled with 'pop dust'. everything is that little bit lighter. there's xylophones as well.
new song 'Have I Been A Fool?' sounds like the next single. it's about kissing and being a fool and combines the now trademark sounds of Jack Pe
ñate to make a slice of guitar/piano pop that's pretty and witty and briiiiight.
'My Yvonne' is (still) my favourite track of the whole 11 song, 41 minute long album. it's delicate, intricate and shows that not everything has to be moulded into chart topping, fast paced, rhyme-tastic, 3 minute songs to be better than just good.
with 'Matinee', Jack puts himself and his brand of reggae/ska/punk influenced music right on the map.

if all pop music sounded like this, we'd have something to be thankful for.

Jack Peñate - Have I Been A Fool?
Jack Peñate - My Yvonne

ps. hello to Rosie from islington academy last night! nice to meet someone who actually enjoys my rambling!
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