Thursday, 11 October 2007

you're too pretty to leave

my soft spot for north eastern boys who play guitar has grown considerably after watching this video. please someone serenade me in a similar fashion!

School Of Language (David Brewis from Field Music) on Channel M.

perfect. minus the appearance of fucking Frank Sidebottom.

in other brief news:

'In Rainbows' is very good. the following is my favourite so far!

Radiohead - House Of Cards

i saw Blood Red Shoes last night and they were more than immense. in the words of my dad who saw them at Liverpool Barfly on Sunday, they were "shit hot". he's cool. hah.

Blood Red Shoes - ADHD

also, thanks to absolutely everybody who voted for my blog in the BT Awards. i reached number 38 and only voted for myself twice. wooooo. next year i've gotta be top 15 though.