Tuesday, 16 October 2007

naked we made it.

last night i ventured to East London on my lonesome for a gig. a few of my friends said things that resembled "?@£@!!@&*?!" when i said i was going on my own for East London Is A Vampire (lololol). no. but seriously, most people would shit themselves and i've only been here a month.

but i'm brave like that.

i arrived at Cargo, only too eager to get inside as it was a little late and i was cold. the first band were already onstage. they were called Trouble Vs Glue and the woman in the Italian two piece was amazingly scary (i guess she's the Trouble). they made loud, erratic and furocious electro that was charming in the strangest of ways.

next onstage was Dirty Projectors. seeing as i am in love with this band, i knew straight away they were going to be really good. but they weren't. they were fucking IMMENSE. at one point i wanted to cry. their drummer is fierce and it seemed like he was beating the crap out of their songs but in a completely brilliant way. dave, singer and guitarist, was doing some sort of chicken bobbing impression (much like Wild Beasts) but his voice is so compelling you hardly noticed the strange moving. amber and angel (the names almost seem fitting!) sang their hearts out and it was beautiful.
i think i was slightly overwhelmed at just how good they were.

Dirty Projectors - Gimme Gimme Gimme

finally, Khaela Maricich, aka The Blow floated onstage wearing all white and looking fresh faced despite being heavily jet lagged.
Khaela gave us a running commentary to each one of her tracks and explained the stories behind her songs which was highly commical. she called it her song writing workshop and never once lost the concentration of anyone in the entire audience. with her singing over the electro infused beats from Paper Television and Poor Aim: Love Songs, and dancing like the best robot i've ever seen, i completely forgot i was on my own.
it was more of a performance than a gig which she gave but it was incredibly enjoyable and well worth going to.

The Blow - Hey Boy