Monday, 12 November 2007


in case anyone wanted to know, i reached my target of 52 gigs for this year. and i'm still counting. i won't do a rundown of the best ones yet as i suspect Patrick Wolf will have to take up a slot with his finale on the 20th December.

on thursday i saw Foals at Camden barfly as part of the Levi's Ones To Watch events. they were on such better form than they were at leeds fest, rattling out the tunes, a few new songs thrown in for fun.
the end of their set was "cut short" due to a stage invasion that prompted Yannis to throw his guitar down and storm offstage. as the person who started that stage invasion i'd just like to say 'wtf?'. i'm a bit sick of bands getting annoyed at people being enthusiastic. fair enough if everyone wanted to steal their equipment/beat the crap out of them/insert other bad things. but they didn't. i, for one, was happy enough dancing. i think more people should be grateful that they actually inspire people to dance. things could be worse; you could always be in a band that sounds like Embrace. not hatin' though! Foals are a fantastic band and Yannis is a lovely bloke. i guess everyone gets dramatic from time to time.

Foals - Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani cover, xfm session)

saturday was YACHT and The Whip at Push. both of whom were fantastic.
YACHT jumped around the crowd like a madman and the crowd jumped too. i cannot even begin to explain YACHT.

YACHT - The Magic Beat

(do what you love, love what you do - the best life philosophy ever)

The Whip make music that really doesn't sound like it comes from Levenshulme. electro beats with crushing guitars and intros that can work even grunge lovers into dancing frenzies. their single 'Sister Siam' is out today! buy it here.

The Whip - Divebomb