Tuesday, 13 November 2007

yes yes yes yes

i've written about Operator Please in this blog a few times before and my tune has never changed. they are one of the best bands around at the moment.

not only do they make fantastic pop music, they make it with style and charisma oozing from every single pore in all of their bodies.
their album 'Yes Yes Vindictive' is a collection of finely tuned guitar stomping, violin wheeling, shouty tunes.
Amandah Wilkinson's voice is almost hypnotic as she belts out lyrics with a touch of 'i know i fucking rock'. newer songs such as 'Cringe' and 'Yes Yes' take the classic components of catchy to the next level with clap claps and echoed shouts ('don't! don't! make me!' 'who! are! you!').
there are softer songs on the album, 'Other Song' and 'Pantomime', and they are dominated by the violin but not in an overbearing "wtf where's the guitar gone" type of way.

my favourite track is 'Ghost' (it MUST be the next single after 'Leave It Alone'). it's just seven shades of wonderful. fast drumming, the haunting bleat of the keyboard, speedy vocals.. everything is ace.

Operator Please have taken a soulful voice, surf rock (think 70s theme tunes and Bermuda shorts), a violin, the sunshine, a couple of genius kids and put them through some kind of magic processor.

'Yes Yes Vindictive' is a brilliant debut and i cannot wait to see this band live again.

Operator Please - Ghost

Operator Please - Cringe

it's not out in the UK yet but you can buy the album here! and 'Leave It Alone' is out on the 19th November!