Wednesday, 14 November 2007


tune of the week!

All Out In Stripes - I'm So Arrogant

i love it when you listen to a song once and it immediately grabs you. then you stick it on repeat for half an hour and wonder why you hadn't heard it before.
All Out In Stripes are three boys making synth-tastic music. the lyrics are clever. the beats are heavy. it's sort of brilliant.

download more from the band's myspace page! they also do remixes and mixes which are worth checking out.

we can travel through the air.

a while ago Tim from funfunfun posted about Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (here) and i left a comment saying "all these tracks sound s0s0000ooo0o0os0sos00000ooooo good!!11" or something to that effect. what Tim said about Dent May.. sounding like "a 1960s pop band influenced by 80s electropop and soul" is completely spot on.

on 'A Brush With Velvet', the free EP (click here to download), Dent May does not disappoint. there's finger clicking, 'ooh la la la's, lots of ukulele-ing (.. that should be a word), clapping, tambourines and plenty of feel good vibes. oh, and a cover of Prince.

close your eyes whilst listening and you could almost be in a sepia tinted polaroid of people sitting in a field with daisies in their hair on a summer's day. it's retro but bang up-to-date simultaneously.
and i think i love it. i almost certainly will be asking for a ukulele this christmas.

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele's Myspace